So, I’m rebranding. What’s up with that?

Maybe a clarifying article is in order.

Lucy the Diviner
8 min readAug 9, 2023
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If you already follow me, you might have noticed I changed my name. I also changed the profile photo to something that goes better with the new name. But what’s up with that? Am I starting anew? Eh… Not quite. Keep reading to find out.

Moving on from Meron, the Pict…

I’m not afraid to move on when I realise a change is needed. This can seem intimidating in the eyes of a lot of people, and I get that — nonetheless, I am what I am, and you’d better get used to it.

I’ve been thinking of making this rebranding since last October, and now I finally decided it is time for it. No, for the record, I do not dislike “Meron”. I’ve been known by that name all over the interned since 2018 and I won’t frown at you if you keep using it. That’s a valid choice, especially if you’re an old follower.

As it happens, Meron is a name I cherish very much because it was given to me by one of my spirit guides who hails from a Pictish tribe. She will keep being a spirit guide to me until the day I die (obviously), and likewise Meron will live on as an endearing term she uses with me, since that’s what I was called in a past life.

However… I’ve come to realise that, as thankful as I am for having this spirit guide with me (as well as Talorc, and a bunch of others who come and go), I was a bit too attached to an identity that I’ve outgrown. As I said, the name I’m leaving behind has to do with a PAST life. What about the life I’m currently living, here and now? Well, it’s different. For starters, it’s way more diverse and less tribal than the life Meron once knew.

In fact, if I’m being quite honest with myself, I dislike tribalism. I hate insular mentality. I abhor cliqueish behaviour and all the catty conflicts that usually come out of that. In a way… I used to be anti-tribal even DURING my past life (or lives, who knows) as a Pict, which made me a bit of an exception among them (and that’s the entire reason I get on with a king who chose diplomacy and created a “confederation of tribes” instead of continuing the endless and pointless wars against his fellow Picts), but that’s a story for another post.

But go explain that to the average person of today. I’m lucky if they have even HEARD of the Picts. And 99% of those who have, already associate them with “tribalism and insular mentality”. That’s not completely wrong, to be honest. I’m sick of accidentally ending up mistaken for this lunar person which I’m not. I never was any of that — not in the current life, anyway. I’m solar; I embrace multiple cultures, hobbies, and even religions. I’m expansive (not to be mistaken with invasive — I do respect boundaries) and have no attachment to any ONE place or way of living. I COULD NOT CARE LESS if this clique says I “can’t sit with them”, or that clique is gasping because I dared have a conversation with the other clique over there. *Sigh* Are we still in high school? No. We’re adults. So, let’s behave accordingly.

The above is all well and good but… On the long term, it’d go in one ear, out the other. Wouldn’t it? People pay more attention to names and faces (or facades…) than words once uttered.

That’s why I decided to, well, change my name and face to try and see if my words will stick this time.

Lucy, the Diviner, means exactly what you think it means.

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I am basically a fortune teller, to make a long story short. I didn’t know I was supposed to follow this path, up until last year — but looking back now, the signs have been everywhere in my life, ever since I was a kid. I do advise on matters other than “past” and “future” too, so feel free to inquire, but I don’t feel like making this out to be something too grandiose (And that’s also the reason I am being vague and leaving out certain details — to prevent YOU from romanticising my path a bit too much. Let’s just not. Please touch some grass, my dude).

Lucy is English for Lucia (but I don’t trust everyone will pronounce it the way it’s supposed to — the Swedish way — so I translated it for convenience. Both versions work). No, I don’t care for Catholic saints, that’s simply a coincidence. My “thing” is with the pre-existing tradition that inspired her.

Yes, I’m a Hellenist, despite the very non-Greek reference. If you’re well-versed enough in the Historical cultus of certain gods, you’ll know they protect foreigners and see it does in fact make sense. I won’t just hand you the information on what gods exactly I worship, sorry, and I totally understand if you consider me a snob because of that. It’s a risk worth taking if I want to keep this blog away from the Neonazis. So go ahead, call me a snobbish gatekeeper all you want. At least I’m also keeping these “gates” closed to the entitled babies-in-adult-bodies who think they’re reviving far-right ideologies through the means of Neopaganism. This is a safe place AWAY from those idiots. You’re welcome.

You see, all of these things influenced my decision to rebrand myself a very particular way. I don’t live under a rock. We are going through very divisive, polarised times. I respond accordingly. Maybe what I said above will sound a bit baffling, but trust me, it’s been working like a charm for me. Today’s far-right isn’t like its 1940s’ counterpart (Not that it was any better back then, ideology-wise, but people had a backbone. I like confronting enemies who have a backbone. Today’s idiots, though… I’ll let them be. They can self-destruct without my help). The far-right Neopagans you see today are entitled narcissists who couldn’t be arsed to do some basic research on any given topic, even if their lives depended on it. All they deepen their “knowledge” on is idiotic conspiracy theories, instead of all the wealth of History and Anthropology education we have on the Internet. Are they dumb? Maybe. But my guess is “no”, they aren’t dumb. I WISH they were dumb, but reality is worse. These people are just, as I said, entitled. Self-centered. Infantilised beyond help. Wouldn’t last a day in the world without their mammies catering to their every whim. That’s why, when you don’t hand them information on a silver platter, they’ll either give up following, OR make up some conspiracy taken straight out’ the arse because god forbid they ever try working hard in life. So if you want to keep them away, stop handing them information. They won’t go look for it, they think it’s “submissive” to learn from a proper teacher. They want to feel like they’re right all the time, because narcissism (hence the conspiracies or zero interest in the “unexciting” truth that doesn’t revolve around them). Trust me on that one. I endured almost three miserable decades under the same roof with one of them — my mother.

Sorry, I got carried away. Where was I?

Ah, yes. I’m a straight talker (Was this redundant, after the salty rant above? Quite probably). You see… I once thought my unapologetic tone was because of the warrior background. That’s not entirely wrong, but nah. It also happens to be an asset in the path I’m now following. My “boss” approves — that’s all I could ask for.

Last but not least, no spirit gave me Lucy. I chose it for myself. Yes it’s nice to be handed a name, but sometimes it becomes outdated.

Why did I take so long to rebrand myself?

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Don’t get me wrong, I do think before acting — but it’s usually not THAT long.

As it happens, I used to tell myself “well, I’ll just use this new name somewhere else, and keep ‘Meron’ active so that the stalkers I already had can’t find me elsewhere”. The problem is… “Somewhere else” wasn’t an improvement.

Perhaps I started off looking on the bright side a bit too much, as always (it’s a very annoying flaw of mine — giving people too much grace and benefit of the doubt). In truth, I can’t exactly have a corner of the internet free of stalkers. I even VENTED about stalkers to a person who turned out to be a bit of a stalker herself (which is why she would project that onto me and get all paranoid that I could “find her blog”). If that person is reading: are you done digging up my past, bitch? You didn’t even need to, in fact; You could have just asked me. I’m not afraid of owning up to shit. I don’t keep certain things up (because cowards like you would take things out of context to try and “cancel” me) but if you ask, I provide it all in private. The thing is, you wouldn’t ask. That requires admitting you’re nosy, and ruin that carefully crafted false self, wouldn’t it?

So… if the problem is widespread, and there’s nowhere I can go to stay away from it, I might as well rebrand here.

This took a very bitter disappointment and all the related emotions, but I’ve come out the other side. I’m so very glad.

That’s not to deny the positives. No, not at all, this experience “somewhere else” put me in contact with several nice people and even some new friends. People who, ya know, don’t start out trying to silence me or kill my confidence in the first interaction (out of envy, no less). I’m always grateful for these good companies I keep collecting everywhere I go. That’s why I don’t regret any of it and wouldn’t go back in time to make a change if I could.

But the few negative experiences, unfortunately, ended up being just more of the same. The exact same shite I already experienced time and again in Spiritual circles. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is. The silver lining is that, as the old saying goes, “if you can’t solve it, you shouldn’t worry about it”.



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