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I had forgotten to make an intro post. Let’s fix that.

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Some people stalk me obsessively; Other people don’t bother reading beyond one article of mine they accidentally stumbled upon. Both groups are valid and (I guess?) natural, but perhaps there could also be a third one: readers who end up enjoying my content and actually following in good faith, but wonder who I am and what I do. In case this third group exists, that is who I’m writing this post for.

I’ll be as brief as possible and straight to the point here. If you’d like more details on any specific item below, feel free to comment and/or follow me.

Here on Medium: I am a free content provider in the fields of spirituality, abuse recovery, and music.

If you’re a subscriber, maybe you haven’t noticed that, but the casual readers on Medium know what I’m talking about: all my articles are for free and I have no plans on changing that any time soon. I already have a job elsewhere, so I opted out of earning any money here. As a result, I do not respond to anyone’s demand either — I write what I feel like, when I feel like it. Staying unregistered also gives me the added benefit of absolute anonymity: you can’t know my location or banking details even if you literally work for the platform.

I am somebody a lot of people dislike. The thing is… I’m not here to be liked. Don’t assume that. I’ve already got people who like me in my personal life. This is the internet. This is a different world where you THINK you know me, but in fact all you know is the parts of me I curated for you. So, drop the entitlement.

Outside of blogging: I am a spiritual advisor.

This is probably the best way to summarise it: spiritual advisor. I provide advice (on demand only; never uncalled for!) coming from a spiritual source. This is also a free gig, for the time being anyway. I haven’t been advertising it just yet because I’m still learning the trade; But I won’t hide it either, especially in the context of introducing myself and what I do, so now you know.

As a direct consequence of that, I am prone to seeing through people. Trust me, if I could believe everyone’s facade in order to make them feel at ease and “safe” in my presence, I would. I can’t, though. This is why I don’t get on with most people. In order to be my friend, you must be self-confident enough to NOT fear being “found out”. And let’s be real: everyone has skeletons in their closet. Nobody on Earth is a complete open book. I understand that. In fact, in most cases, I just stay quiet about the hidden stuff I see in the people I’m interacting with. If you don’t mention your “dirty lil’ secrets”, I won’t mention them either. Trust me, it’s not a choice. I’m not nosy. It simply happens. HOWEVER, HERE’S A WARNING: if you deny your dirty lil’ secrets, or try to confuse me into not seeing them, we’ll have a problem. Nothing personal, but still a problem.

I’m essentially a seer. I can’t “not see”. Please understand that.

This is ESPECIALLY TRUE for the edgy “goths” out there who think I’m a good match for them — thanks, but no, thanks. Seriously, just look at me. Why are you expecting us to get along? I’m not into this dark stuff you find cool. I work with light (and it’s not in the newage sense, it’s in the sense of “thing that can burn or blind you — or both at once”). I don’t do doublespeak, I don’t do deception, I don’t do manipulation, I don’t do Hekatean or Dionysian or Morrigan’s kind of “paganism”. Nothing against them, I respect all of this stuff very much, but we’re from different planets and won’t understand each other.

If you’d like to go by stereotypes: I know I’ve got no selfies for you, but I’d advise you to imagine me much more like a 70s hippie fortune teller than this Witchtok “dark and edgy” kind of person you wish I were. And for heaven’s sake, STOP WANTING me to be all indirect and girly to you. I won’t be that. You’ll be disappointed. I won’t stop you from trying, but you’ll be disappointed — and eventually join the long queue of disappointed entitled brats who want “revenge” on me for being too blunt and honest.

Outside of the internet: I’m a musician based in Ireland.

Again, not a bread-earning thing. I love music, so I make music. Simple as that. If you’re interested in things like History of music, music theory, music anthropology, etc, maybe you’ll enjoy my blog, so feel free to subscribe.

The above are all the layers of me I’m comfortable sharing in public.

If you dig deeper, do so on your own peril. I never said I’m an open book, much less that I owe anyone an explanation about who I am. Some people know me both here and in person — I hand-pick those people for strategic purposes, so that if anyone tries impersonating me, they’ll be bitterly disappointed. That does not mean any random person is entitled to knowing my two identities, so I’d advise you against crossing that boundary.

Last but not least, I use a pen name. My “real” name is not Lucy. (You might have known me in the past as Meron — that was another pen name I adopted in the past before my path took a different turn. Click here for an old post that explains the story behind it).

I hope this helps. Feel free to browse, follow, comment, and/or simply enjoy my content!

Ps: if you feel butthurt at some inconvenient thing I said, and want to come over here trying to silence me… Try. Go ahead. You’ll see what happens. I don’t want to spoil it for you. ;)



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Oracle and spirit worker based in Ireland. I don't read minds. I don't change minds. I don't sugarcoat. Take my message or leave it.