Why do I blog?

The pursuit of self-awareness is a beautiful thing.

Lucy the Oracle
3 min readDec 24, 2023
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There are many possible answers to this question, ranging from simplest to more complex. For example, if you’re into Astrology, you’ll probably be amused to learn I have Mars in Gemini. If you’re not a fan of the “woo”, on the other hand, you definitely cringed at that, but you’ll be more pleased to read the following: I enjoy speaking so much that communication is also my go-to method of self defense; but during peaceful times, I use words because I feel good doing it. This is, of course, saying the exact same as “I have Mars in Gemini” because both assertions are equally matter-of-fact and highlight my subjective preference; But some people will get too caught up in the war against fun and miss the commonality between “woo” and “sobriety” in that context. “Oh but there’s no proof that Astrology works”, ok, that’s a valid concern. But a lot of people are forgetting to consider that disagreement and hostility are different things and they don’t always need to go hand in hand. You could simply enjoy Astrological assertions as a colorful and metaphoric way to speak, much like poetry. Who said everyone treats it as determinism? Projection is a funny thing. Those who accuse others of taking “this” or “that” too seriously are often taking things too seriously themselves.

Besides, every language has metaphors, and they carry within themselves interesting archetypes. In English we speak of killing two birds with a stone, usually without having ACTUALLY ever used a slingshot (once very popular with kids, particularly in the countryside). Today, some people (me included) prefer the gentler version “feeding two birds with a scone”, which retains the metaphoric meaning without apology to animal cruelty. Meanwhile, I’m here including mysticism in my speech without alluding to anyone’s sadism.

I get it, though; A lot of the things I say are uncomfortable to hear. They don’t enable or inflate anyone’s ego, do they? That’s why I have haters. My blog is not for the close-minded or faint of heart. This, of course, adds an extra layer of interest to the original question posited in the title of this article — why do I blog, in a provocative/trickster style no less? Perhaps there’s more to it than just “I enjoy doing it”.

I have meditated on this question for a while, and eventually come to a surprisingly simple conclusion: I blog because what I say here is not socially acceptable. There’s no way I could have an actually intelligent conversation with anyone, is there? Don’t get me wrong — I’m not implying people aren’t intelligent; Yes, they are. Even the people you might consider “dumb” or “insane”. Everyone has something to offer. My point is, actually, nobody I talk to CARES to prioritise their intelligence over the social niceties and etiquette they’re used to. All is well until we hit a taboo topic. Oh, no, leave that under the rug. Yuck!

I’m no philosopher, but I do empathise with Socrates. If there is somebody I’d like to talk to, someday, somehow, it’s him or one of his followers.



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