Your shadow is the opposite sign.

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  1. Astrology 101 — the very basics
  2. Why charts aren’t linear

Oppositions: paradoxically the same thing

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The thing about oppositions, though, is they’re directly connected.

Squares: Astrology’s cul-de-sac

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  1. If you’re a victimist crybaby unwilling to learn lessons in life, perhaps you’ll hyperfocus on the difficulty and awkwardness of it — Jupiter in Pisces has everything going for it (it’s domiciled, it’s naturally expansive and hopeful, etc) but [insert overly dramatic voice and a violin playing on the background] “alas, big bad Saturn ruined everything because it’s oppressing my Jupiter and telling me I ruin things through miscommunication, and I’m doomed to forever keep doing that, and I hate my life”. Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the drama!
  2. If you’re even slightly interested in trying to make things work, perhaps you’ll look at the full picture with the challenges but also the potential and opportunities for learning something new — Saturn squaring your lovely Jupiter might be scary, but if you look beyond this fear, you’ll see a teacher. A “professor Snape” kind of teacher, but still, it isn’t completely bad. Maybe this Saturn in Gemini is just trying to teach you to put more effort into your communication (Gemini) in order to access the abundance in friendships and spirituality (Pisces) that your Jupiter initially promised. Saturn in a square isn’t denying you anything, it’s simply guarding the door and telling you the price to let you in. See? It’s a friend.
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Trines: our comfort zones


  • If you care about Astrology, and all you know is your sun sign, perhaps consider identifying some basic aspects too. They can help you start to understand yourself, instead of simply “wearing” a superficial identity.
  • Some astrologers make things like oppositions, squares, and trines look confusing and intimidating. But the truth is, while there is value in understanding exact angles and advanced Astrology concepts, that doesn’t mean beginners should stay in the dark about aspects. You can have an idea of what these aspects mean even if you’re a beginner, and it’s easy.
  • Oppositions work like a half orange, completely crossing the chart; squares are literally squares, and trines are literally triangles. The counterintuitive info is that 1) oppositions have the same energy; 2) the proximity in a square actually makes communication harder; 3) trines only work because of elemental similarity.
  • Your goal shouldn’t be to identify strongly with this or that sign, planet, house, or aspect. Your goal should be to pursue balance, because otherwise you won’t ever see past your ego.



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